The Strokes Played Baseball Against Robots While Wearing the Most Beautiful Jerseys

Kyle Koster
The Strokes baseball uniforms are incredible.
The Strokes baseball uniforms are incredible. /

One of the things that makes me fear the eventuality of a Singularity less than expected is because many times it feels as though we're halfway there. Like, it's hard to shake the impression that some algorithm reached into a proverbial Scrabble sack and pulled out "The Strokes," "robots playing baseball," and "unabashed uniform porn" then tapped me on the shoulder with a knowing wink. Because it simply cannot be a confluence of events that led something so perfect to land on my doorstep. How did they universe know that this is everything I've ever wanted?

The music video, which debuted today, is for The Adults Are Talking. It is beautiful. Never more so than when The Strokes' incredible black tequila sunrise jerseys are on full display. They may immediately be better than any existing, past, or future getup. In fact, the Get Up Kids should have made this video. Maybe they can remake it. Would be a Red Letter Day if so.

It may surprise some of our younger readers how much the idea of robot baseball and robot basketball captivated the imagination about 30 years ago. Basewars. Baseball Simulator 1.000, Bill Laimbeer Combat Basketball. We were really circling it, getting close to seeing it become a reality. Then we shifted resources into finding new ways to incorporate Dan Cortes and introducing a 30-point shot into Rock N Jock Games.

Leave it to New England's second-most famous Julian to reimagine the conversation.