The Rockets-Spurs Game Featured Explosive Back-to-Back Beer Spills

Stephen Douglas

The Houston Rockets overcame a 25-point deficit at home against the San Antonio Spurs on Monday night. Perhaps the moment when the momentum truly shifted was when San Antonio's Trey Lyles callously - and spectacularly - spilled a fan's beer courtside.

Sure, Russell Westbrook made an even bigger splash with his initial pass out of bounds that sent another drink flying, but the way that Lyles magically popped the drink out of that woman's hand shocked fans and obviously motivated the Rockets.

This should also motivate the league to put netting courtside. Fans accept risks by sitting in those great seats, but no matter how much you can afford to pay for a ticket, you should never have to deal with the loss of any kind of drink at a sporting event. You'd have to be an actual player to be OK with throwing that kind of money around.