Pat McAfee Already Asking 'The Rock' For a Job in the XFL Broadcast Booth

Stephen Douglas
Pat McAfee during the 2020 XFL season.
Pat McAfee during the 2020 XFL season. / XFL/Getty Images

The Rock is the new owner of the XFL after he stepped in at the last minute to purchase the dormant league from his old boss, Vince McMahon. Who knows how long it will take The Rock or his team to get the league back up and running, but if they are looking for a lead voice, one man already has shown the courage to step forward and ask, "Why not me?" That man is Pat McAfee.

The host of The Pat McAfee Show was briefly a part of the latest iteration of the XFL earlier this year. He worked the sidelines for the XFL for a few weeks, but seemed to want a larger role.

If The Rock is listening, then he could get one. McAfee has been a popular enough football voice since retiring that he had at least one person rooting for him to get a job in the Monday Night Football booth. Though perhaps he is a better fit for something with ties to the pro wrestling world.