'The Rehearsal' Is Over, What the Hell Did We Just Watch?

Kyle Koster

The final episode of The Rehearsal was unexpectedly one of the most affecting pictures of parenting you'll see on television, but was not without its fair share of awkward moments. This grand experiment flew close to the sun — sometimes too close — and exits as a one-of-a-kind viewing experience. The Big Lead's Kyle Koster and Stephen Douglas try to unpack some of the mysteries and come up with a plan to tackle the post-Rehearsal world, forever changed by the experience.

Should parents watch this episode?

00:30-06:58: Yes! But also be warned. It's pretty powerful in some unique ways. Seeing someone confused by what's real and what's not in this show is nothing new. Seeing a six-year-old struggle with it is a completely different animal. Rehearsing to take care of a child and their emotional well-being may be helpful yet it cannot ever come close to replicating the real thing. And Nathan Fielder finally realized that.

How should you handle an 18-year-old acting like a 6-year-old taking smoke breaks outside?

08:00-11:40: With laughter. They grow up so fast! How many good actors came out of this series and how many of them will find a future in the expanded Fielder Universe? Also, is it possible we're underutilizing butt cracks as a comedic device?

This series took some wild turns, huh?

11:40- 22:25: It sure did. For better or worse. What could have Fielder have done differently? Would doing it differently completely defeat the purpose?

Were you expecting so much religious discussion?

22:26- 27:30: Well, not really. Yet it was such a smart and important commentary.

Favorite moments and final rating

27:30-33:15: Like this wasn't getting perfect fours across the board.