The Real Shea Patterson Likes Jim Harbaugh, Didn't Tweet That

Kyle Koster

Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson found himself in the middle of a good old-fashioned fake viral tweet kerfuffle yesterday thanks to a Twitter account operator with way too much time on his or her hands.

Patterson allegedly tweeted this then deleted it, but not before a single solitary person noticed it and turned it into content.

The thought, I guess, was that Patterson did this because he forgot to log out of his burner account before tweeting. Cold water was dashed from a bevy of different directions pointing out that the account that sparked all this, College Football Quotes, has a long and murky history of straight-up fabricating things out of thin air.

Awful Announcing did a nice summation of all the nonsense involved here.

The real Shea Patterson addressed the fakery and got in a humble brag about his leisurely schedule which affords him time to play golf.

"In regards to the nonsense from earlier today…The calls and notifications really jammed me up on the front 9 ?️ — Shea Patterson (@SheaPatterson_1) July 8, 2019"

Copious evidence won’t stop the “screenshot” from retaining traction on the message boards today. If there’s a positive in all this, it’s a reminder that college football is rapidly approaching and the appetite for content is growing.