The Rams Paced Todd Gurley and They Look Like Super Bowl Contenders Again

Stephen Douglas

Todd Gurley and the Los Angeles Rams beat the Carolina Panthers, 30-27 in week 1. Gurley started slow as Malcolm Butler had more carries midway through the 3rd quarter. The only bright spot was a 25-yard run to start the 2nd half. Was Gurley playing possum?

Gurley finished with 97 yards on 14 carries and put the game away in the 4th. He had a low usage game by his standards, but he ended up having a strong game, he was fresh to finish the game and the Rams won.

Gurley did not play in the preseason after being limited late last season and in the playoffs. His Super Bowl performance was disappointing to say the least. Over the summer it was revealed that there was an arthritic component to his knee injury, but he was supposed to be healthy coming into the season. Earlier today Jay Glazer said that the Rams had placed no limitations on Gurley, but that they “no idea” how his knee would hold up.

The answer is… pretty well? Whatever the Rams did, it worked in Week 1. If Gurley and the Rams continue to pick his spots, Gurley’s stats could suffer, but the Rams should be in pretty good shape.