The Pro Wrestling Reporter Who Left TMZ to Start Up His Own Shop

Ryan Glasspiegel

Last October, Ryan Satin left his job as a senior producer at TMZ to start Pro Wrestling Sheet. The site borrows some of the layout and syntax of his former employer, but is also a reflection of his own sensibilities. He’s broken a number of relatively large stories in the wrestling world, including the news that Brie Bella would be retiring from WWE. We discussed:

  • What type of work was he doing at TMZ? What circumstances made him decide to leave a steady gig at a large outlet for the unknown of a startup?
  • Do some WWE reporters allow themselves to get swept up in inaccurate information and/or deliberate lies to advance kayfabe storylines?
  • WWE talk: Sasha Banks needs way more minutes. Golden Truth is an insult to our intelligence. This Darren Young/Bob Backlund stuff feels like it’s headed that way fast. It defies logic that they do not bring Jim Ross back to announce occasional big matches.