The Phillie Phanatic Made His Debut: This Day in Sports History

Phillie Phanatic
Phillie Phanatic / Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

April 25th is the perfect date for a reason. Possibly because its the day in 1978 that the Phillie Phatanatic made his debut. The rest is big furry green history as he became the greatest mascot in the history of sports.

Tim McCarver helped introduce the Phantic to fans during an appearance on Captain Noah and His Magical Ark. He would go on to bother and entertain fans, players, managers and umpires for decades. This year the Phantic got a facelift because of some legal issues.

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For all the traditionalists out there, here is some fan-captured 8mm footage of the Phanatic rounding the bases two months into his life.

Hopefully, the team can work things out with their longest-tenured star. It just wouldn't seem right for him to live anywhere else.