Golf Gives Fans Hope For Live Sports Returning

Ryan Phillips
Tiger Woods at The Masters
Tiger Woods at The Masters / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

On Monday, it leaked that the PGA Tour is looking at a mid-June return to action (among other scenarios), with the first event being the Memorial Tournament. Though it would be played without spectators, live sports action in any form would be a welcome sight.

The PGA Championship is set to begin on August 6, the U.S. Open will begin on September 17, the Ryder Cup will commence on September 25, and the Masters will run from November 12-15. While this is all tentative, it's great news for fans desperately waiting for action.

On Monday's TBL Scope, Brian Giuffra and Ryan Phillips discussed why it makes sense that golf would come back first. They also dove into what a tournament would look like without fans lining the course and how it could impact golfers. Finally, they discussed whether esports have any appeal right now with no live sporting events happening.