The Person Who Drives a Grand Prix Car on Czech Highways Is Back

Kyle Koster

Too many drivers treat their commutes as if it's a competitive sport and precious few truly deserve to do so. One person who qualifies, until they are eventually caught and brought to some sort of justice, is whoever hits Czech Republic roads in an old GP2 car. Mondo reports that the thrillseeker, originally spotted way back in 2018, is up to old tricks again. On the same stretch of highway. And if you're thinking police will succeed in their attempts, consider that the driver has what appears to be a brilliant strategy.

Police then tracked down the suspect, but the driver denied the charges. In the end, he avoided a fine of tens of thousands of dollars or even a one-year driving ban, thanks to the helmet he was wearing while driving, which made it impossible to reliably identify him from the video.

It doesn't appear the renegade is trying anything super-dangerous out there but if I know human nature, the mere presence of this vehicle on the road is going to inspire other drivers to try to outmaneuver it. More on this as it develops.