The Oregon Zoo Taught an Arthritic Sea Otter to Dunk a Basketball [Video]

Stephen Douglas

“Eddie, a geriatric sea otter at the Oregon Zoo, plays basketball to help him with his arthritis.” That is the one sentence description of this video. It is possibly the greatest thing I have ever read. You wouldn’t think the video that accompanies that sentence could possibly live up to the description. But it does. Oh, man. It sooo does.

Look at Eddie dunking a basketball on a tiny Portland Trailblazers hoop. Look at him! The zoo found out that Eddie had arthritis so they taught him to dunk a basketball. And they don’t do this as part of a show? They could sell tickets for hundreds of dollars and people would come from all over the world.

I am going to get this made into a poster and hang it in my living room where my television used to be. Anything is possible!

[h/t: @MarieGossip]