The NFL Draft Adding Walk-Up Entrance Music for Draftees

By Mike Cardillo

Are you sitting down? I’m going to let you in on a little secret, the NFL Draft is equal parts sports and televised spectacle. Crazy, right?

The NFL Network’s Rich Eisen — one of TWO cable channels that will carry that 83-day event live on your cable television — reports that this year  draft picks will walk out to pose with their new jersey and commish Roger Goodell with their very own, personally selected entrance music.

Utterly insane. Is there enough time to draw up a mock draft of who will step onto the podium listening to which tunes? Oh, right there’s probably a Twitter hashtag that covers this much better than I can.

Admittedly I have zero idea what type of music is popular these days so I’ll just guess we’ll hear even more Pharrell than we already have this spring. Another guess, Aloe Blacc’s “The Man” gets used, unless that’s too passé following this year’s playoffs.

If you care (which you obviously do) my choice would either be a throwback 90s jam, something off the WWF Vol. 3 CD or Kenny Loggin’s “This is It.” Ok. I lied, it would definitely be P.M. Dawn’s “Set Adrift of Memory Bliss” and I’d walk as slowly as humanly possible to milk the entire song since it’s that smooth. If it eats into the camera time for the ensuing pick, so be it.

Your move Johnny Football.

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