The NBA Officially Murdered the Seattle SuperSonics: This Day in Sports History

Stephen Douglas
Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp back when the Sonics were in Seattle.
Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp back when the Sonics were in Seattle. / Brian Bahr/Getty Images

On April 18, 2007, the NBA Board of Governors voted in favor of moving the Sonics to Oklahoma City. With a 28-2 vote, owners agreed to take a team from Seattle. The Dallas Mavericks and Portland Trail Blazers were the only teams to vote against the move.

By the time the 2008-2009 season started, the Oklahoma City Thunder were born. With second-year players Kevin Durant and Jeff Green and rookie Russell Westbrook, OKC's new team went 23-59. A year later they drafted James Harden and won 50 games. By the end of the lockout shortened '11-'12 season they were in the Finals and most people forgot the team had ever even been in Seattle.

Just kidding.

Everyone loved and now misses the SuperSonics. They were really good in the late 70's and won a title in 1979. There are currently 11 franchises without a title. More importantly, the Sonics were super cool in the 90's. George Karl, Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp made the Finals in '96 and took Jordan's Bulls to six games. Most importantly...

The Sonics had it all when they were ripped from Seattle. History. Cultural relevance. Young stars. A rabid fan base. Clay Bennett took them away and the NBA allowed it to happen.

This is not a dig on the current Thunder franchise. They have dedicated fans and have made the playoffs nine of the team's first 11 seasons in OKC. It's just that the Sonics were really cool and everyone thinks there should be an NBA team in Seattle. Even Kevin Garnett. Especially Kevin Garnett. The NBA needs to make it happen.