The Marlins Could Lose Their First Postseason Series Ever Tonight

Stephen Douglas
Jim Leyland celebrating the 1997 World Series.
Jim Leyland celebrating the 1997 World Series. / ROBERTO SCHMIDT/Getty Images

The Miami Marlins are down 0-2 in the National League Divisional Series. With Game 3 tonight, we are on the brink of something none of us have ever seen before: the Marlins could lose a postseason series, ending one of the most impressive streaks in the history of sports.

For nearly 30 years the Marlins have been beyond reproach in the postseason. They have been taken to the brink. They have bent, but never broken. It is remarkable. The Marlins have not lost a postseason series in franchise history, dating all the way back before they moved to Miami when they played their home games in Florida. In 27 years, they have never lost a single series. Think about that. As long as their franchise has existed they have done nothing but make the playoffs and win the World Series. (Minus the years they missed the playoffs.)

Dating back to the late 90's, the Marlins have won seven consecutive postseason series. This is the first divisional series where they have ever lost more than a single game. What an accomplishment this would be for the Atlanta Braves who lost to the Marlins in the NLCS back in 1997. Tonight they can do what no franchise - not the Chicago Cubs, not the New York Yankees, not any other team - has been able to do.

If the Braves do pull this off, it could signal a shift in the sports universe. Something we have known to be a certainty since the 90's will suddenly be uncertain. This is a scary prospect. We are on the precipice of living in a world where the Marlins are susceptible to defeat in the postseason. We are on the edge of an uncertain future. Will we finally see what the world looks like when Marlins don't soar?