The Mariners and A's Are Playing in a Smoke-Filled Stadium, Which Can't be Healthy

Ryan Phillips
Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners - Game One
Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners - Game One / Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

The Seattle Mariners and Oakland A's are playing a doubleheader in Seattle on Monday and, by the looks of it, they probably shouldn't be. Smoke is visible in the air at T-Mobile Park and the air quality in the city is far below healthy levels.

Here are a few clips from the first game of the doubleheader and remember, that's not fog in the air, it's smoke from the massive wildfires that have hit the West Coast:

The last highlight prompted The Athletic's Molly Knight to ask really good question: why are they playing?

That can't be healthy, so who thought this would be a good idea? I realize we're late in the season but couldn't this game have been moved somewhere else with healthy air? This is hazardous to the health of the players, coaches and team staff members.

Major League Baseball should seriously consider moving Seattle's home games to a neutral site moving forward.