The Linda Lindas Rocked the LA Public Library, Impressed Tom Morello and They're Too Young to Drive

Stephen Douglas
The Linda Lindas
The Linda Lindas / LA Family Housing Home Together 2021/Getty Images

The Linda Lindas are perhaps the best new thing in all of rock music. The band features Mila, 10, Eloise, 13, Lucia, 14, and Bela, 16. They performed at the Los Angeles Public Library on May 4th to kick off AAPI Heritage Month. Last night their performance went viral thanks to a tweet from Tom Morello and their song, "Racist, Sexist Boy."

Amazingly for a group made up of teens and pre-teens, this is not their big break. According to Variety, they've already opened for Best Coast, Money Mark, Alice Bag and Bikini Kill. Not to mention they've been featured in Amy Poehler's Netflix movie MOXiE!

Here is their full set from inside a library, which is possibly the most metal place for a band to play.

Everything about this is incredible, but clearly being a 10-year-old girl drummer who sings in a rock band is maybe the most impressive thing in the world.