'The Last Dance' Rewrote History By Including Washington Wizards Instead of Bullets in 1986 Standings

Stephen Douglas
Michael Jordan versus the Washington Bullets.
Michael Jordan versus the Washington Bullets. / Focus On Sport/Getty Images

The Last Dance premiered its first two episodes on ESPN Sunday night. A censored version of the film aired on ESPN2. In both versions, the 1985-1986 Washington Bullets were shown in a graphic of the standings as the "Wizards."

If this had only happened on the censored ESPN2 broadcast it would have been an amazing edit and great attention to detail. Instead, it is a weird choice for anyone old enough to remember that until 1997, the Wizards were the Bullets. And that's probably why they filmmakers did it. It's really an insignificant detail considering it's the same team and Jordan would eventually join the Wizards. It's not like this was a newspaper clipping that they photoshopped.

It's just too bad they didn't do the full team names because then they could have had the Brooklyn Nets in the seven-seed. Most importantly, don't let ESPN calling the '86 Bullets the Wizards distract you from the fact that one of Jordan's playoff appearances was with a team that went 30-52.