The Las Vegas Raiders' Stadium Grass Field Will Be Kept Outside the Stadium

Stephen Douglas
Allegiant Stadium Under Construction
Allegiant Stadium Under Construction / Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders new stadium is still a work in progress, but things are happening. On Wednesday, the first sod was laid on the field tray. Wait. The what? Via the Las Vegas Review Journal:

"The field tray will be stored outside the stadium on nongame days as UNLV football will play on artificial turf. The area where the tray is stored will be used for pregame festivities ahead of Raiders games."

UNLV and the Raiders will play on different fields in the same stadium, a day apart, every week. Some people might wonder "why," but I just want to know more about how they move all that grass in an out of the stadium. According to LVRJ, the field tray is four-feet deep and weighs 9,500 TONS. It will take 90 minutes to roll the field in or out out of the stadium on 13 rails and requires 76 electric motors. I need to know the weekly cost of moving the field

Good lord, this seems so unnecessary! The ultimate example of doing something because you can. They're just going to store their grass outside in the desert and then wheel it inside every Sunday and someday there will be an issue and it will be awesome. I can't wait.