The LaMelo Ball Draft Party Was Quite the Scene

Liam McKeone
LaMelo Ball
LaMelo Ball / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

LaMelo Ball became the second member of the family Ball to be drafted in the top three picks of the NBA draft last night when he went third to the Charlotte Hornets. On the ESPN broadcast, we were given a peek into the Ball household. It turns out the network had sent reporter Tim Keown as an embed for the event. He discussed the happenings of the evening with Pablo Torre on the ESPN Daily podcast. It was... as expected.

Michael Jordan is surely leaping for joy at the thought of LaVar Ball hanging around the Hornets facilities for the foreseeable future. All the Big Baller Brand stuff hanging around but not given out was on brand, you might say. I had a good laugh at LaVar's propensity to complain about the television volume, too.

The final Ball brother has been drafted. This will presumably be the last to join an NBA team unless LaMelo really does become a superstar and someone signs LiAngelo to their G-League team to entice LaMelo to sign with them. Let's hope we get that MJ v. LaVar one-on-one sooner rather than later.