The Kimbo Slice-Dada 5000 Fight at Bellator 149 Was a Disaster

Kyle Koster

Expectations for the Kimbo Slice-Dada 5000 (Dhafir Harris) fight at Bellator 149 last night weren’t very high. And how could they have been considering the comically slow training footage that leaked pre-fight?

Things turned out even worse than expected. Slice, 42, and Harris, 38, spent most of the battle alternating between throwing wild punches and breathing heavily. It became clear that one of them was eventually going to pass out.

Unfortunately for Harris, he reached the point of no return first, tumbling wildly to the mat and needing a stretcher.

While it wasn’t the best viewing experience for a casual fan, it had to be infinitely worse for the faction of bettors who apparently went wild fading Slice.