The Jason McIntyre Show Podcast, Episode 2: Doug Gottlieb of CBS Sports


Also, he’s opinionated. Very.

This was a marathon podcast that went nearly 50 minutes. I won’t hit on all the topics discussed, but among them:

* Life in the ESPN bubble. Apparently, when living in Connecticut, the only thing Gottlieb paid attention to was ESPN. That’s no longer the case!
* “College basketball is in shambles” he says. DeLoss Dodds agrees.
* Life with Seth Davis on the CBS set.
* We talk about the NBA draft and taking young kids who aren’t ready, like Flynn, Wes Johnson, Russell Westbrook, etc.
* Doug Gottlieb defends Andy Katz against that bully Jim Boeheim.
* The first few obscenities are dropped.
* I note how Kansas fans are an angry bunch on twitter. Gottlieb disagrees, says they are among the smartest.
* Stories of playing pickup ball, including the time Scott Brooks (NBA player, NBA coach) dominated him.
* Gottlieb, either wearing down at the end, or frustrated with my line of questioning, gets a little testy and starts disrespecting my basketball game, which he hasn’t seen. “Playing on the court with me would be the highlight of your career, but the low point of my career,” is pretty much what he said.

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