The Jason McIntyre Show Podcast, Episode 1: Stephen Curry


So I’ve started a podcast.

The first guest? Stephen Curry! Mr. 54 points. I had the opportunity to speak with the Warriors point guard Thursday night, 24 hours after he torched the Knicks in one of the greatest shooting performances of the NBA season.

Among the topics discussed: The missed high-five with Draymond Green, being in the zone Wednesday vs. in the zone during his 2008 NCAA Tournament run, trash talking with Victor Cruz and Anthony Mason, and because he’s a college hoops junkie, the Final Four (his brother plays for Duke, and yes, he has the Blue Devils in there).

Now, about the podcast …

Why did I sound like a nervous teenager who is taking a car out for a spin hours after getting a driver’s license? My Man-Crush on Curry, obviously.

There are no concrete details for future podcasts. Yes, there are guests lined up. No schedule, no format, just fun. If you have suggestions for guests – I’ll be talking to more than just people from the sports world – drop me an email.

Many thanks to tech wizard Michael Shamburger for his assistance in setting all of this up.

And perhaps most importantly, the podcast lacks a witty name – like “The BS Report” or “Real Talk” or “Behind the Bets” – so if you feel like sending in submissions on that front, it’d be much appreciated.