The Georgia Defensive Coordinator's Get Back Coach Can Beat Up Your Get Back Coach

Stephen Douglas
Georgia defensive coordinator Dan Lanning is held back
Georgia defensive coordinator Dan Lanning is held back /

The Georgia Bulldogs faced the Baylor Bears in the all-caps ALLSTATE SUGAR BOWL on Wednesday. Georgia shut out Baylor in the first quarter thanks to a defense coordinated by Dan Lanning, but he shouldn't get all the credit. Don't forget about the man behind the man. Check out Lanning's massive "get back coach."

That extremely yoked man holding back Lanning is Georgia's Associate Strength and Conditioning Coach, Jamil Walker. Before he was a massive strength coach and holder-backer of other coaches, Walker played football at Wisconsin. He was a strength coach at Wisconsin before he was hired at Georgia in 2017.

Sadly, Walker isn't the only guy on the Georgia staff reduced to keeping an adult from wandering into traffic on game days. Kirby Smart also has his own personal get back coach.

What can we do to end this trend? This is the kind of behavior a toddler exhibits. This is not the behavior of an adult.