The Future of Golf Looks Like a Half-Empty Music Festival


We're approaching noon here on Eastern Standard Time and LIV Golf has managed to make it this far without a major misstep as defectors play over in London. The league's social media team was ready bright and early with a sizzle reel of yesterday's action and it is pretty intense. A man dressed like he's about to be shot out of a cannon at a steam punk-themed Renaissance festival welcomes everyone to the future of golf before a 49-second cut that would make even the Bohemian Rhapsody production team feel a bit disoriented.

Get to your best desired headspace to consume this promise of a world and click if you wear.

Hmm. I am not so sure the future of golf should look like the last day of a musical festival on Randall's Island when the weather is cold and raining. But LIV couldn't say this if it weren't true, so here we are. The future is now and it's meh.