The 'Final Destination' Log Thing Actually Happened in Real Life

Liam McKeone
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If you have ever seen any of the Final Destination movies, or even just the commercials, you live life with some irrational fears. Like getting trapped in a tanning booth or getting killed by a flying tire at a NASCAR race. Perhaps most prominently, Final Destination 2 caused a lot of people to avoid driving behind lumber trucks at all times after this here scene.

An absolutely preposterous thing to watch. Those movies are so dumb.

Anyway! The reason I bring this up is because a TikTok is circulating of this actually happening in real life. It doesn't appear that anyone was hurt, which is obviously good. But still, it's frightening.

Yeah, that's gonna be a no from me, dawg. It turns out that switching lanes to not be behind those trucks is justified! I will continue to do so and feel wiser for it.