The Dan Le Batard Show With Stugotz Really Let Colin Cowherd Have It

Kyle Koster

The Dan Le Batard Show With Stugotz has been picking games against Colin Cowherd all season, essentially without his participation. The gang won the battle and the prize, which apparently included a thorough takedown of the opposing radio host. The 30 For 30-inspired bit pulled no punches and may actually qualify as bullying.

It's kind of weird. Stugotz referenced a show called Speak For Yourself and implied it wasn't all that great. But from what this site remembers, it was pretty damn entertaining when that Jason McIntyre guy was on it.

This morning's show also featured an in-studio appearance by Chris Jericho, which is helpful in understanding what all this about. There's a pro wrestling angle to this cross-network interplay. Good-spirited rivals pushing each other's buttons in the crusade for content. That's just how the game is played.

It's hard to take anything too seriously when one host is sitting there dressed like a nutcracker who was granted his wish to be a real boy and the other is named after Tony Soprano's boat.