The Dallas Cowboys Have Drafted the Most Pro Bowlers Since 2005


Jerry Jones catches a lot of grief for his involvement in the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl title since 1995, after winning three in a four-year span. They haven’t even been to a conference championship game since that year.

However, you could have done a lot worse when it comes to finding draft value. Since 2005, the Dallas Cowboys have drafted 14 players who would be selected to at least one pro bowl, and that doesn’t include Tony Romo becoming the quarterback that season as an undrafted free agent. And yes, that is an end-point that can be moved and the results changed. Three pro bowlers were drafted in 2005. But they would still be in the top 3 if you move to 2006.

Here are the top ten franchises when it comes to drafted pro bowlers since 2005, via data from Pro Football Reference.  (note: the player didn’t necessarily have to make the pro bowl while still a member of that team).

When you look at the teams that have drafted the fewest pro bowlers since 2005, you get mostly non-surprises. Jacksonville and St. Louis both had only 4 over that span so far. Detroit and Oakland had 5. The New York Giants also had 5, and if you want to know why they’ve slipped to missing the playoffs several years in a row, that might be a reason.