The Cleveland Indians Are Cyber-Bullying Colin Cowherd

Kyle Koster

Baker Mayfield shotgunned a beer at a Cleveland Indians game and it was pretty cool. Most can agree on that. The team’s official Twitter account decided to share the viral moment but not without taking a shot at Colin Cowherd, Mayfield’s long-time sparring partner.

To do this, they made up a quote that Cowherd never said, which — I guess — is a thing you can do now. Cowherd seemed to take this all in stride and acknowledged that this is a thing that had happened to him online.

The Indians, not done trying to get that sweet, sweet engagement, took issue with this as well.

Here’s a genuine question: what, exactly, was Cowherd supposed to say in this situation? Is there anything he could have done that would have satisfied the Indians’ account, which started this in the first place? Ignoring it wouldn’t have done the trick and some self-deprecating comment may have, but I’m not sure.

Look, Cowherd’s criticisms of Mayfield feel a little stale. They do. But at least use real ones as a jumping-off point for criticism. My disdain for official team accounts is well-documented, but it really takes a special bit of mismanagement to emerge as the bad-guy and take all the fun out of the situation. Yet here we are, with Cowherd coming out of this one-sided dustup looking better than he did when it began.