The Cincinnati Bearcats Aren't Painting Their Field Black, But They Should

Stephen Douglas

The Cincinnati Bearcats host No. 17 Central Florida at Nippert Stadium on Friday night on ESPN. Today the Bearcats' football Twitter account posted images of their home field painted black. Unfortunately, according to WLWT5, it's fake news and Cincinnati is calling it "social media fun." Not cool.

The field, as shown on Twitter, would apparently be a violation of NCAA regulations and you would just hate to see that. The question is, could Cincy get away with it with a few minor tweaks like bolder white lines? Boise State famously plays on a blue field. Eastern Washington has a bright red field. There must be a way to make this work. It is no less silly than asking everyone in attendance to wear black.

Just the fact that they say they can't means that they should. Come on, Cincinnati. Do it for the 'Gram. Do it for America. Do it for the Rolling Stones.