The Brooklyn Nets Logo and Apparel Has Been Unveiled, and It's Outstanding

By Tim Ryan

How many times have we seen expansion franchises, or existing ones, introduce a new logo and associated gear that left us scratching our heads and rolling our eyes, either due to being senselessly overdone, just flat-out repulsive, or both? The Knicks adding black to their uniforms some years back is a perfect example of a complete unnecessary tweak. After all, there are certain things in life that see best results when kept simple, and uniforms, team logos, and everything else that goes with it certainly applies to that philosophy. Thankfully, the Brooklyn Nets have embraced that mantra with great care.

Today, the franchise’s new logo, along with some merchandise, was officially unveiled. In a word? Gorgeous. In more words? Simple, clean, and very sleek, the three magical ingredients required to achieve visually-pleasing, sports-related laundry as opposed to garments that look like they were designed for the cast of Space Jam. Yes, I’m talking about you, Houston Rockets.

All teams should be referencing this Nets redesign before they step into the lab with someone other than the late Florence Griffith-Joyner, and proceed to mercilessly take a hatchet to our collective eyeballs.

[via Twitter]