The Boston Celtics Changed the Maine Red Claws' Name and People Hate It

The Boston Celtics logo.
The Boston Celtics logo. / Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

RIP Maine Red Claws. The Boston Celtics have officially renamed their G-League basketball team the Maine Celtics. People hate this and they should. Red Claws was a perfectly good name with a logo we haven't seen a million times. They had a fun minor league identity. No longer.

To make things more confusing, they kept the lobster and made it green. This is an abomination. One of the worst (inconsequential) problems in all of sports is the number of teams with super boring names. There is no good reason to rebrand the Red Claws.

This does nothing for the Celtics. It just makes the G-League team more boring. Anyone who doesn't think the logo is headed for a clover while the lobster will be further relegated to a mascot and eventually vanish has their head in the sand. The Boston Celtics do not care about seafood-based sports teams.