The Bills Signed Terrelle Pryor, Should Start Him At Quarterback

By Tully Corcoran

Derek Anderson has a concussion, Nathan Peterman is still Nathan Peterman, and now that the Buffalo Bills have signed Terrelle Pryor, it’s clear what they have to do.

Start him at quarterback.

This seems like a bold move considering Pryor is not, technically speaking, “a quarterback,” but it’s actually the most obvious move the Bills could make, and the only choice for a team doing its best to win its next game.

Pryor used to be a quarterback. He won two Big Ten championships playing quarterback at Ohio State, and he’s played in 49 NFL games at the position, starting 29. He’s a receiver now, and there is good reason for that. In his career, he’s a 56 percent passer with nine touchdowns, 12 interceptions, and a passer rating of 69.3. He’s been more effective catching passes than throwing them.

Still, Pryor’s passing numbers are better than Peterman’s by a substantial margin, and even if the Bills have to quickly install a simple zone-read offense to get through the week, at least they’ll know the guy taking the snaps is actually good at what he’s being asked to do. The Bills could run the option 45 times this week and probably be better off than they would have otherwise.

Putting Pryor into the game at wide receiver, when the quarterback is Peterman, is a waste of everybody’s time and the Bills’ money, and Bills fans shouldn’t be expected to stand for it.