The Best Soccer Goal GIFs of 2013

By Mike Cardillo

So many games, so many goals, so many … golazos.

2013 proved to be another fine season for mesmerizing soccer goals. There’s no sense ranking them on a numerical scale. The quality of a goal is in the eye of the beholder. You may enjoy a volley, or perhaps an insane dribbling move finished with a tap-in. It’s your call.

These are some of the goals we enjoyed here at The Big Lead over the last 365 days.

The Zlatan Division:

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored one in Ligue 1 play as only he can.

He also scored from deeeeeeep.

Cristiano Ronaldo Division:

So. Many. Step overs.

And Ronaldo was clutch, too, helping book Portugal a place in the World Cup.

Lionel Messi Division

How did he score this with the entire Milan team draped around him?

Luis Suarez Division:

A header from outside the box? Sure, why not?

Half volley from 45 yards away. Easy.

Pajtim Kasami Division:

EPL Goal of the Year for the Fulham man? Perhaps.

Gareth Bale Division:

It’s obvious Real Madrid paid Tottenham $400 billion for the Welshman for his karate skills.

Arsenal Team Goal Division:

Arsenal played puff-puff pass on this team goal capped by Jack Wilshere.

Best Own Goal Division:

Vincent Kompany … a ball shouldn’t move like that.

Neymar Division:

Mario Balotelli Does Thing Division:

It’s not a goal, but … you know …

Most Important Bicycle Kick of the Year Division:

Mexico’s Raul Jimenez scored a bicycle kick vs. Panama which kept El Tri alive to qualify for the World Cup in October.