The Baylor Lady Bears Beat Langston University By 117 Points

Stephen Douglas
NCAA Women's Final Four - National Championship
NCAA Women's Final Four - National Championship / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Baylor Lady Bears tipped off their season with an exhibition win against Langston on Friday night. Baylor won, 149-32. That's one-hundred-forty-nine points in a one-hundred-seventeen point victory.

You know the seasons are changing when elite women's college basketball programs start pummeling schools no one has ever heard of. Langston University is an NAIA school from the Sooner Athletic Conference. Their enrollment is just over 2,500, which is almost as many points as Baylor scored against them.

While the final tally may seem unnecessary, it should be noted that Baylor backed off after scoring 75 in the first half by only scoring 74 in the second half.