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The Bad Beats Won't Be Able to Hurt You For Awhile

Kyle Koster
Spain v United States
Spain v United States / Ethan Miller/Getty Images

There are few things better in life than a horrific sports gambling loss befalling a complete stranger. Unsure what that says about humanity but it's undeniably true. When Scott Van Pelt and Stanford Steve start firing up the VCR to show you the Bad Beats, it's perfectly human to rub one's hands together with delight about the prospect of seeing what happened to some other poor bastards this week. Every single time.

Here's the latest crop, which will serve as the last entry until football gets cooking and the beats get even worse. Just thinking about a Mountain West team blowing a 30-7 lead in the fourth quarter to further ruin someone's night who is already down big gives me goosebumps.

They include a disastrous New York Mets bullpen, the U.S. men's Olympic basketball team melting down in garbage time, and the always-risky Gold Cup over-under experience.

Please, people. I beg you. Put your money in a low-risk IRA or something. Having something riding on El Salvador-Guatemala extra time will only leave knuckles white and your senses overly stimulated.