The Athletic to Boldly Blend Sports and Pop Culture

Kyle Koster

The Athletic has studied the landscape and concluded it's time for a bold new wrinkle in online sports coverage. You'll want to sit down and get ahold of something before hearing about this plan because it may blow your minds. They are, it says here, going to merge sports and culture.

This is revolutionary and we cannot wait to see if such a thing can even be done. There's a reason why so many websites have shied away from this highwire act. There's a reason why so many will tell you it can't be done and even attempting it is too dangerous.

But you know what? Perhaps, like Bradley Cooper sang about in A Star is Born, it's time to let the old ways die and inject some pop culture into a sports blog. What The Athletic is aiming to do could shake the very foundations of entertainment like Bob Dylan going electric at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival.

With so many rooting for the site as a canary in an industry coal mine, it'd be great if they pulled it off. Given their track record, it'd be foolish to bet against them.