Thanksgiving Roundup: Bruce Springsteen on SNL; Scott Stapp on Creed's Epic Cowboys Halftime Show

Stephen Douglas
Gobble gobble.
Gobble gobble. / John Lamparski/Getty Images

If you're reading this it is too late to thaw your turkey ... like many small businesses, sports bars are dying during the pandemic ... The Killers allege voter fraud at the Grammys ... Jerry Jones once bought Destiny's Child jackets on Thanksgiving ... last year Zac Brown Band gave the SNF a Thanksgiving update ... Mina Kimes calls turkey a gravy delivery vehicle ... is Chris Fowler's campaigning for the MNF job unseemly ... how the NBA lost the enforcer ... Happy Thanksgiving!

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Patrick Mahomes will be putting ketchup on his turkey today. [The Big Lead]

The Detroit Lions will host their thousandth Thanksgiving day game today. It is almost always a miserable experience for Lions fans. [The Big Lead]

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"I couldn't possibly eat another bite..."

Scott Stapp on Creed's legendary Thanksgiving halftime performance.

It has been 23 years tomorrow since Barney went rogue and had to be put down during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.