Thanks to Sophie Turner, We Should All be Bears' Fans Today

Bobby Burack

If you are looking to root for a new team, with reasons varying from yours being horrible, boring, or off this week, we got you. The answer is the Chicago Bears. The reason is simple, because the closer we act to Sophie Turner, the better we will feel about ourselves.

The Queen in the North is rocking a Bears jersey today and presumably just caused a ton of bandwagon football fans to head to and purchase the exact same jersey. Not that they will pull it off quite as good, but that is beside the point.

This really sucks for Raiders fans, though. One year ago your team trades away Khalil Mack, they cut Antonio Brown, Jon Gruden is goofy, and Sansa Stark basically just made the entire football world bend the knee.

As for the football side of things go, the pressure is on for some football player to top the Queen this afternoon. We already know it won't be anyone from the Bears or Raiders. Could it be Patrick Mahomes? Doubtful.