A Texas Tech Student Shoved a Texas Longhorns Player When Fans Rushed the Field on Saturday

Stephen Douglas
Texas v Texas Tech
Texas v Texas Tech / Josh Hedges/GettyImages

The unranked Texas Tech Red Raiders beat the No. 22 Texas Longhorns on Saturday. Considering both teams came into the 2-1 and the result simply flipped their places in the polls, it wasn't really that big of an upset. But then you throw in the fact that this was a rivalry game and we get Tech students rushing the field after the game.

Since Texas made the decision to leave the Big 12 for the SEC, it's unclear how long, or how regularly, this rivalry will continue after this season, so it was a good time to celebrate. However, it does not give you the right to do this.

That's a Texas Tech student violently shoving an unsuspecting Texas player from behind in the midst of the chaos. There's no excuse for this and it's the main reason that rushing the field or storming the court should probably be reconsidered in the current climate. Eventually, something like this is going to lead to something much worse. Until then, let's just hope Texas Tech is able to identify the kid involved here.