Texas Tech's Chris Beard Goes Berserk, Sits On Court, Fist Bumps Bob Huggins

John E. Moore III/Getty Images

Frustrated with the whistles and down by six points late to West Virginia, Chris Beard decided that he'd seen enough and was going to get his money's worth in an ejection meltdown. He screamed at an official maskless for a while before sitting down at the top of the key like a kindergartner doing criss-cross applesauce and pantomiming. This was obviously enough to get the heave, but not to put an end to the histrionics.

Beard continued not to have the presence of mind to put his mask on while having the presence of mind to walk over to Bob Huggins and give him a farewell fist-bump. One can expect a fine coming for the lapse in protocol, but what's a small fine in the face of eternal memories?

Okay, perhaps that isn't the best message. But what message was Beard trying to send? Apparently none.

"There was no message there, I just thought there was still time from a coaching standpoint, you got to fight for your players," he said postgame.