13 Texas Longhorns Football Players Tested Positive For COVID-19 and Another 10 Are in Self-Quarantine

Stephen Douglas
Tom Herman
Tom Herman / Tim Warner/Getty Images

The Texas Longhorns have announced that 13 players have tested positive for COVID-19. All those players are now in self-isolation. In addition, 10 more players are in self-quarantine because of contact tracing.

According to Horns24/7, about 67 players arrived on campus on Monday, June 8. Another 49 arrived on Monday, June 15. There is also a third group of 17 players from the 2020 signing class. Voluntary workouts will begin on June 22. If every single player makes the roster and this happened on the Thursday before a game, 17 percent of Longhorns players would not be available on Saturday. And the 13 who tested positive probably shouldn't be available next weekend either.

So what if the Red River Shootout was this week or next? A game Texas hasn't won since 2017, against a rival who finished ranked in the top 10 last season and Tom Herman coming off an eight-win campaign? What if one of those guys is a starter? Or what if somebody gets really sick? Yeah, most of the people who play college football will be fine if they test positive, but what about the small percentage who aren't so fortunate?

With teams and positive tests coming back to campuses across the country, it's only a matter of time until we find out. If not this summer, then when regular students arrive and start sitting in closed classrooms with the student-athletes. There have been more than 7,000 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Texas in the last two days.