Dude Busts Out Insane Zelenskyy-Putin Rap at City Council Meeting, Becomes Quite Winded


Alex Stein operates an entirely unique and extremely harrowing YouTube channel called Conspiracy Castle and has a penchant for doing unusual things at city council meetings, which is certainly a lane. His latest performance came in the city of Plano in front of a captive audience forced to consider how to react on-camera to this display for 120 seconds. And 110 seconds of which the aspiring rapper was absolutely gassed. Because those first few bars really took it out of him.

Look, I am not going to judge the lyrical content. More than anything it left me confused and somehow less informed about significant recent world events. But one cannot accuse Stein of not putting his heart, soul and oxygen supply into the act. We can all un-begrudgingly admit that the beat is sort of sick. And that, deep down, we've always wondered what it would look like if a MEAC basketball coach decided to turn his official-berating into song. Because that's the exact vibe.

Whomever had the misfortune of going next and droning on about some mundane landscaping violation on Elm Street caught a bad draw.