Texas and Oklahoma Already Seem Gone From the Big 12

Oklahoma v Texas
Oklahoma v Texas / Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The sports world was rocked on Wednesday by a Houston Chronicle report that claimed Texas and Oklahoma had both reached out to the SEC about joining the conference. The ensuing 24 hours have been a whirlwind that have only served to make such a move feel more real. At this point, it feels like Texas and Oklahoma are already gone from the Big 12.

Neither school denied the rumor that it was attempting to leave its long-time conference to join the SEC. That, in and of itself, was an indication that this was a very real possibility. They didn't even bother to issue a weak denial.

Then on Wednesday during a Big 12 call with league athletic directors and CEOs, Oklahoma and Texas officials were absent.

That feels like a sign of things to come. Right now it feels like the possibility of Texas and Oklahoma coming back and fully embracing the Big 12 is exceptionally low. There's more money to be had elsewhere.

If Texas an OU leave, the Big 12 would essentially fall apart, right? I mean, losing the top two cash cows without a backup plan to import any high-level teams to replace them would be a disaster. The conference would likely implode with teams scattering to other conferences.

That feels like where we're headed.