VIDEO: Pregame Standoff Between Texas and Oklahoma Results in Penalties For Everybody

Liam McKeone

The Red River Rivalry is one of the most exciting in college sports. This year is no different, as Texas and Oklahoma both look to be as good as they have been in years and face off on Saturday in Dallas.

The players, however, couldn't quite wait for the game to start before getting in each other's faces. A rather large standoff/scrum between what appears to be the entirety of both teams resulted in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty... before the game started... on every player on both squads.

Now, from my perspective, that didn't really seem worthy of team-wide penalties, but it's clear the refs are taking precautionary measures. There's already been a bit of trash talk and pushing and shoving this morning, and it stands to reason that it will only get more intense once the football actually starts.

This should be fun!