'Mattress Mack' Has Again Opened His Furniture Store Doors For Texans in an Emergency

Stephen Douglas

Jim McIngvale, a.k.a., Mattress Mack, run a chain of furniture stores in Texas. When the state is affected by natural disasters, McIngvale opens up his stores as shelters. This week, with Texans facing extreme winter weather and widespread power outages, McIngvale has again opened his doors to give people food and shelter.

McIngvale appeared on CNN this morning to talk about helping people. It's one of those happy stories of citizens stepping up in an emergency, but he could be looking at an extended stay for some of his guests. Via CNN:

"“What I'm hearing is it could be that we don't get that generation back online until things thaw. And that could be Friday, that could be Saturday here in Texas,” he told CNN. “This is a rough place we're in right now, and there's no guarantee of immediate relief.”"

He also spoke to ABC News.

Good luck to everyone in Texas. Hopefully, more people like McIngvale step up to help.