Texas Blizzard Has Now Produced a 'Snownado'

A "Snownado" in East Texas
A "Snownado" in East Texas /

Things are bad in Texas right now. There's a massive blizzard blanketing the state, along with single-digit temperatures and statewide blackouts. But perhaps nothing was as terrifying as seeing the word "Snownado" come across my Twitter timeline.

In the East Texas town of Gun Barrell City witnesses recorded what looked like a tornado in the middle of the blizzard. The now-dubbed "Snownado" swirled above Cedar Creek Lake for a bit before dissipating.

Here is a video capturing the event that was thankfully uploaded to the Internet:

I've got a few questions here. First off, Gun Barrell City? Did Texans just play Mad Libs to name their cities, or what? Second, is this a thing that happens normally? And third, what the hell is going on in Texas? Some people have been without power for 12 hours in the middle of the coldest winter snap in decades.

I hope all our readers in Texas stay warm, get their power restored soon and for the love of God avoid any Snownados you see.