Texas Athletes Call For Changes, Including Replacing 'The Eyes of Texas'

Ryan Phillips
West Virginia v Texas
West Virginia v Texas / Erich Schlegel/Getty Images

A group of athletes at the University of Texas are calling for major changes to the school and its athletic department. Sophomore wide receiver Brennan Eagles is leading the charge as he posted the demands to Twitter on Friday. Among them is a move to replace the song "The Eyes of Texas" to something without racist undertones.

The athletes claim they will continue to practice, work out and participate in required team activities, but will refuse to help recruit new players to the school and won't show up at donor-related events if the list of demands is not met by school officials. The purpose of the list is to create more support for black athletes and students as well as the black community in the state.

Here is the post from Eagles:

Renaming the buildings on campus should be a no-brainer for the university and, judging by the reaction on social media, most people are behind the idea. But using a song other than "The Eyes of Texas" is getting a lot of pushback. While it may seem tame, the song has its roots in minstrel shows from the early 1900s. It's easy to understand why black athletes would find singing it offensive.

I have a feeling collegiate athletes across the nation are going to start doing this. They are going to start using the power they have to create the changes they want to see on campus.