Texans Discussed Jadeveon Clowney Trade With These 5 Teams

Bobby Burack

The NFL season is just a week away and Jadeveon Clowney’s future remains up in the air. According to Aaron Wilson, of the Houston Chronicle, the Texans have discussed trading Clowney to the following five teams: Dolphins, Eagles, Seahawks, Jets, and Redskins.

While Clowney has not been the league-changing player some thought he would be coming into the NFL, and is certainly not Khalil Mack, he remains a talented defensive player full of potential.

Philadelphia, one of Clowney’s two preferred destinations along with the Seahawks, is the best fit out the five teams mentioned. The Eagles are already one the NFL’s best teams and adding Clowney could be exactly what is needed to put them over the top. Clowney wouldn’t elevate the Seahawks to the top of the NFL, but it’s a good fit and would bolster the team’s playoff chances in what should be a very competitive playoff race.

Trading for Clowney makes much less sense for a team like the Dolphins. Given their current roster, Clowney will do nothing more for them than make tanking much more challenging. Miami is far away from playoff contention and the only thing their fanbase has to look forward to is drafting a quarterback in one of the next two drafts. Despite the illogic, the Dolphins have been the team rumored the most for his services.