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Dameon Pierce Got Suplexed by Commanders Defense

Liam McKeone
Dameon Pierce
Dameon Pierce /

The Washington Commanders dominated the Houston Texans for the first two quarters and change of Sunday's matchup. At halftime, the Texans barely had more yards than the Commanders had points. The kind of game that makes you wonder why you like watching football.

Things got interesting on Houston's first drive of the second half. Not interesting in a competitive sense but interesting in a "this guy got suplexed" sense. Rookie sensation Dameon Pierce took a handoff up the middle and was immediately met by Commanders DT John Ridgeway. Ridgeway either didn't hear the whistle or didn't care because he upended Pierce before slamming him to the turf.

This, of course, resulted in a 15-yard penalty and was one of the most productive plays of the day for the Texans.