Carlos Hyde: 'They Can't F---ing Stop Us'


Sunday afternoon's matchup with the Texans and Chiefs was slated as the most exciting matchup of Week 6 heading into the day. Through just under two quarters, it's lived up to the billing, with both teams swapping blows in a battle of young, exciting quarterbacks.

Carlos Hyde scored a TD for Houston on an easy run at the goal line to bring the Texans within one. He then went to the camera and expressed, in no uncertain terms, how he feels about the Chiefs' chances to stop Houston's offense. NSFW, if you aren't a fan of F-bombs on live television.

Given these broadcasts are all on delay, this is a pretty massive mistake by CBS. It wasn't like when Julius Thomas hollered "It's too f---ing easy!" after a touchdown back in 2013, when the mics picked it up while he ran into the endzone. Hyde walked right up to the camera.

It remains to be seen if the Chiefs can stop anybody, expletive or no.